Broken Monument

by Broken Monument

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Remind Me 03:36
Maybe they've let me down... Maybe they've said I wouldn't count... Maybe they've shed all of my fears... Bad blood always ends up in tears... Scars of the past remind me, of what really matters, Drowning in my thoughts, that's my current status, Deeper and deeper I’d sunk into my fears, Somebody remind me what's happening here? Maybe it is your (en)’tire fault. I'd like to slit your throat! Step aside 'n let me go. You won't bring me down! Scars of the past remind me, of what really matters, Drowning in my thoughts, that's my current status, Deeper and deeper I’d sunk into my fears, Somebody remind me what's happening here?
Deepest Gray, clouds connecting, Anxious state, took deep breath in Feelings overwhelming, adrenaline is rushing Coldest wind and heavy rain I can feel my inner pain Never let it, devour your core Welcome to the endless shore Fear is rising Breakwater is striving I will rise and withstand demise, The coast will help to destroy my ghosts Tides are cleaning my soul Finally I’m whole again My journey has just begun, I can make it, but only if I run Salty body, rusty mind, Unknown way ahead - What I’m supposed to find? Starry look, ferocious face, I need to keep up, my pace, An endless mass of grey, My inner strength needs to obey.
Here And Now 03:49
Hearing the wild coasts thunder, Soon we will be six feet under. Cruising the world seas with passion, On our way with our floating bastion. Determine who's left and over, To far gone to live in clover. Predicting our last way home, Sea is the last place for us to roam. We are here and now, The Past; We have to let go. Steering northwards into open regions, Leaving behind our inner demons. It's good to be free, We're heading into the sea. Haul the anchor, Full steam ahead, We're about to get conquered, nothing left to regret. Battle is right in front of us, We have no time to discuss, Gigantic waves are clashing starboard, We have to make it to our fort, north. Hunted by the hate of thousands, We don't need any allowance. We're cruising under the black flag Moving forwards against the wind, zig zag.
Floating around - unknown path ahead, Sinking deeper and deeper, soon we're shed, Under the ice cold cover of the ocean, For some of us it is a big commotion. Nevertheless we have to push ourselves, The Truth lies underneath a million waves. Step by step, mile for mile, How long did we travel? It has been a while! Dwelling in the unknown, Deepest place - ever known, Last empire of free will- We will find out and full fill, Let this become an endless journey, Striving through the broad and blurry, We've got the strongest and bravest crew, Exploration of the deep and blue. Sunken cities and forgotten treasures, Everything and everyone is under pressure. The Tides are washing away all these gems, We have to discover as much as we can. Lost stories and humanities legacy sunken, We are here to explore the biggest of all dungeons. Potentially one of the biggest revelations, The ocean has the longest patience. Interlude: 20.000 leagues under the sea, No light, no warmth, no love, The mystery of humanity Is buried with masses of waves above,
Red Devil 04:50
I have fallen so many times, You pulled me up, so I could rise. Desperate times need desperate measures, My journey has nothing to do with pleasures. I cannot leave the kitchen alone, Fisk will create an absolute war zone. More Enemies to come, I cannot stop what I am. I’ll not let you down, You have saved me. I cannot let you drown, Get away from me. I have to protect, You have to respect. I am the red devil, We have to un-ravel. I stood up to fight for justice, To help the poor and kill the destructive. City created a new monster, I have to focus and get much stronger. Punisher is in for the kill, Driven by hatred and mere will. The grey blocks and streets never sleep. I cannot stop what I am.


released November 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Broken Monument Herford, Germany

Marek Vocals, Simon Guitars (Songwriting)
Marian Guitars
Raffi Bass
Alex Drums

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